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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  October 22, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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>> i mark halperin. >> with all due respect to the kansas city yals they are sweating like charlie crist without his fan. >> tonight, the white house learns how to drive a czarand we scored tickets to attend talk. is a new drama in some areas, the barack obama show starring barack obama and produced by the gop. here is a sample of the president's many ads --
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>> they voted with obama 99% of the time. >> i don't agree with anyone 90% of the time. >> they teamed up to give us obamacare. >> a new face to take orders from barack obama. >> obama's senator. not yours. >> it's also in the debates. the senator was asked if she approved of the job president obama is doing. >> do you are proof, yes or no? >> in some ways i do and in some ways i don't. >> we will see this in the ads and on the trail. democrats pressed on their association with the president. can they withstand the onslaught? >> not if they continue to be lame about how they answer the questions. we saw this coming a mile away.
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no one is answering the question well. it's not that hard a question. i support the president on equal pay for equal work. i support the president. there are a lot of things you can say without getting trapped and looking defensive in the way they all do. if they keep answering this way, they will get slaughtered. >> this morning, they said exactly that, you have to say what you're for. they are in such a fetal position crouch on this. and last night, a speech at the jefferson jackson dinner, she said stuff full throated and that answer was timid. let alone these other candidates in these other states. >> they must find some guts on these questions. >> we don't know his full campaign schedule but it seems like he will do a few more and that's it. >> they are talking about him going to michigan for the governor's race but that is the
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only thing on the schedule, i believe. it will raise the question that how can it be in a place where you would become the central focus, how can you be hiding your face everywhere? let's talk about senate races. iowa democrat bruce bailey and noted piglet emasculate her. a striking new ad on the air that we will come back to later but the conventional wisdom is the race is hers to lose. does bruce bailey have a way back? >> starting to assume based on some of the public polling that democrats have had the stronger ground game in iowa for a while. republicans concede that democrats registration and early vote very strong. republicans have narrowed the gap. they are going to have to start to perform stronger, particularly in the democratic and eastern parts of the state where he is not doing as well.
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if the ground game turns and he can get some breaks, she is laying a pretty cautious game right now but she is out there is a happy warrior. i still give her the edge but i don't think democrats are done. >> they have been organized for two cycles. the obama machine is still in place. the governor said they are going to win by a mile. they will get a measurable lead. how is it she will lose the race and i don't know how that happens. >> she has proven to be a strong candidate and resilient. republicans woke up this morning to a resilient press poll that made them happier the john boehner with a corkscrew. our voters more inclined towards gop controlled congress than they were just a month ago?
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and more voters expecting that outcome. take a look at these numbers. who do you want to control congress? in september it was republicans asking the same question in this new poll and 47-30 nine, people want republicans. this is likely voters nationwide. that number is likely even wider. who do you think will control the senate after the midterms? last month people thought democrats would control and now in a bit of self fulfilling prophecy, the numbers have switched around. they think republicans 55 to 45. is this enough evidence that there will be a republicans in on me -- tsunami? >> they have been moving pretty consistently and i have resisted the notion of the republican way but the data is starting to look pretty striking.
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that first number is now outside the margin of error and the trendline is all bad for democrats. you can still imagine a path but it is starting to look like the odds are dwindling. >> it could be an outlier. when voters start to think something is going to happen it's more likely to happen because voters are savvy. that is national. the key races very negative for democrats. >> a happy first day on the job for the ebola czar. is he actually an ebola czar or is he pseudo or quasi? >> he is not a czar type. i've never thought he would play a very big role in terms of the
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kind of public face that you think of someone taking charge of a crisis like this. >> i have an e-mail last night from someone close to the white house that wanted to dispel the notion that he is anything like an ebola czar. they said he's the court nader. he is a skilled bureaucratic organizer in this e-mail is saying that he was never meant to be that. it raises a bunch of questions that barack obama did not want to appoint the czar but they managed the optics or ugly because they gave the impression that's exactly what he is. they're trying to quietly dispel that and have it down but it's crazy. >> i think is there to take pressure off of the scheduling of the homeland security visor. there is so much on their plate that they wanted him there to be a traffic cop and a coordinator. >> they should have said that much more clearly when they appointed him.
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>> they think they will see twice-daily briefings and it's not going to happen i don't think that was ever in the cards. >> every journalist we know is taking time to remember one of the finest political editors. john and i spoke with one of bradley's disciples about how bradley assembled his team. >> his attitude and political coverage and everything else was hire the best people you can find and let them do their work. he was not a micromanager by any stretch of the imagination. he encouraged people to do what he thought they could do. >> what made him a popular and great editor? >> he understood that you need talent and the first thing he did was hire david building of the washington post coverage and a whole generation of political reporters. like a 27 yankees kind of team
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and he had an incredible nose for a story. and he understood fun. journalism for him was a fun business. politics was fun. they infused the newsroom with a sense of adventure and courage. >> he was kind of like the grace of american political journalism. big personalities that understood how to have fun and that it was serious. he did that with watergate and also did it hiring people that understood the platform of the post came with responsibility to hold the white house accountable, both political parties responsible. >> he will be totally missed by all of us. a potential republican presidential candidate makes us an offer we can't refuse. ted cruz is next. ♪
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>> our guest has been called the republican barack obama. although he is famous for filibustering, he promised to keep his answers short. senator ted cruz of texas. we talk about the political news. how likely will it be that your party takes majority control. >> i think is likely that we will take the senate and the tire harry reid as the majority leader. i have been nonstop going to battleground states and iowa headed to georgia, i am traveling across the country
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trying to turn out conservatives. to take control of the senate we need six seats. >> what is your hunch about which ones will be the closest or be the ones that decide it? >> six seats the 42% states are west virginia, montana, south dakota arkansas, louisiana alaska. their largely off the table democrats are not seriously contesting those. south dakota is a little quirky with an independent but i think it will be a safe republican seat. and i think all three of the
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remaining arkansas, louisiana and alaska look like very strong pickup opportunities. there are a bunch of additional seats at think are terrific the cup opportunities. iowa. joni is one of the strongest senate candidates and her opponent the democrat is not a strong candidate. i think colorado is a great pickup opportunity. scott brown is running one heck of a campaign in new hampshire. there are a lot of seats in play right now and if they break right republicans could pick up 11 or 12 seats. if they break wrong, we could end up with just enough to lead democrats in the majority. i don't think it will happen but it's close enough to break either way. >> you have strong views on judicial philosophy and in recent days, a number of rulings from the court, on the wisconsin voter id law, texas abortion
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clinic and gay marriage recently where it seems as though chief justice roberts has not been vocally siding with conservative justices. you hear people on the right wondering if the chief justice is a true conservative. do you worry that he's going soft? >> i think it's premature to come to those conclusions. obviously the chief justices vote in the obamacare decision was a shock to just about every court watcher. it was astonishing and very disappointing. i think it has severely tarnished the legacy that he did not vote to strike down that law , that he was willing to rewrite the statute to try to save it i think was a mistake. i think chief justice roberts tenure, setting aside obamacare has been characterized by a consistency and a dedication upholding the law and i am
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certainly hopeful the chief justice will continue doing so. >> a lot of people think he's on the liberal side of the gay marriage decision. >> i think that may be reading the wrong tea leaves. if you look at the prior decisions of the court, it has been justice kennedy that has been the swing vote on issues concerning gay marriage. it is far more likely that the more conservative justices were less than confident where justice kennedy's vote was going to be and that was why they didn't take the case. i think the outcome nonetheless amounted to unelected judges setting aside the marriage laws in 30 states across the union. from the beginning of our country, the marriage has been a question for the states decided at the state level and one of the geniuses of our framers. the states are laboratories of
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democracy and i think marriage laws should reflect the values and mores of the citizens. you would expect the citizens of california make different policy decisions in the citizens of texas or florida or new york. we shouldn't have unelected federal judges or the federal government trying to impose their policy views on state legislatures. >> you have a pretty significant op-ed piece talking about if republicans take majority what you would like to do. there is a lot we will not have time to get to but we will ask about one thing that caught my eye. the need for congressional oversight on a range of issues. in terms of benghazi, there should be careful and sober senate hearings. what are the unanswered questions of the tragic matter? >> there have been a number of hearings on the house side and the administration continues to stonewall and in deed, earlier
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this year, i introduced a resolution for a joint committee to investigate benghazi. >> just list the questions you think require hearings on that matter. >> let me lay out what happened. the chairman came down and objected and he said on the senate floor he has no idea if there was anything that the secretary of state or the secretary of defense could have done to save those for americans. he has no idea what could've been done or why we didn't but we needed hearings to figure it out. that was out of democrat bob mendez. we need to answer those questions. i know secretary clinton said what difference does it make? to the four men whose lost their lives and families all over the world, it makes a very real difference.
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if we could've saved them. a >> you were a pretty staunch opponent of comprehensive reform and there are 12 million undocumented citizens. not citizens here. what is your take on that issue? >> i am a strong advocate of commonsense immigration reform and the way we address immigration reform is to focus on areas of bipartisan agreement. there is overwhelming bipartisan agreement outside of washington that we finally have to get serious about securing the borders and stopping the problem of illegal immigration especially with growing threats from isis and ebola. not to mention 90,000 unaccompanied children. we should come together to say enough is enough. >> what happens to the 12 million?
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>> let me answer the question. what i think we should do is focus on areas of bipartisan agreement. the first area is securing the border and stopping the problem of illegal immigration. the second area of bipartisan agreement is improving and streamlining legal immigration so that we remain a nation that doesn't just welcome but celebrates legal immigration. i am the son of an immigrant i came legally from cuba 57 years ago and there is no stronger advocate of legal immigration than i am. if you actually want to pass a bill you focus on areas of bipartisan agreement. they focused on the question you're asking, the most partisan and divisive elements. i believe their objective is not to pass a bill but to have what happened happen exactly as it did. to force a bad bill that they
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knew would never pass the house of representatives because they want to use it as a cudgel in 2014 and 2016. they didn't pass immigration reform because they didn't want to. if you want to pass a bill, the way to do it is focus on areas of agreement not engage in partisan warfare. >> next time we will have you talk about the 12 million but now i will have you go straight to some more personal and relaxed stuff. a big fan of the godfather films. you can do your best godfather character imitation or tell us of the most compelling character is. up to you. or both. >> much to my teams relief i will resist doing impressions. but if you get a beer in me, i might not. all three godfather -- the most
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compelling character is always michael corleone and because he is engaged in a moral battle wherein each decision, he's trying to do the right thing. in the first he's trying to be the honorable one and not go into the mob and yet his father's life is threatened. and what makes it such a compelling morale at a tail as he tries to do the right thing and ends up being a mass murderer in every movie. it is summed up well in the third film when an older michael corleone a says every time i get out, they keep pulling me back in. >> that may be harry reid's motto by the end of next week. thanks for joining us. next, here a pig, they're a pig --ir a pig -- we'll be right
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back. ♪
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>> last spring, she said she roped castrating pigs. she has another ad on the same scene and mark is going to marry poppins himself into the picture. >> it's a mess. it dirty, noisy, and it stinks. >> welcome back, it's nice to see you back in the environment that made you famous when you talked about castrating hogs. the visual is clear. you want to remind voters why they nominated you in the first place without saying i'm the one who castrates pigs. >> too many typical politicians. hogging wasting, and full of bad ideas. is time to start spending money we don't have -- stop spending money. they are full of pork?
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they -- i'm not really sure what your point is. >> i'm joni ernst. >> thanks for elaborating on how you balance the budget. >> leaning up the mess is going to take a lot of iowa commonsense. >> i know it's a 32nd ad, but this is one of your closing arguments? it's you and a bunch of hogs and you have a plan to balance the budget if no details? i think you need to shoot another added. >> i think it's time for you to clean off your shoes. we will be right back. ♪
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>> we are only on television half an hour a day but we are alive 24/7 on bloomberg the digital guru has taken up
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the incredibly difficult task of making mitch mcconnell seem cool on the internet. >> a great lease -- piece about republican midterms. "taking stock" is coming up on bloomberg tv. sayonara. ♪
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>> hello, i'm pimm fox and this is what i'm taking stock of on wednesday, october 20 two, 2014. the race for an ebola vaccine is on an johnson & johnson is spurring researchers and lab testing. a company's chief scientific officer says making a profit on the vaccine is secondary. >> if it becomes a global use vaccine, maybe one day we will see how it goes but first now is being as fast as possible to help the world get in control of the disease. >> sears stock has soared this week as l


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